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Day 5: The last day already!

Wow, can you believe today is already the last day of the festival? We've seen so many things that we're just itching to share with you...

The last day of Sziget 2013. Ready or not, here we come!

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Day 1: Wear sunscreen!

Skinny dippingThe festival has begun. Skin of Skunk Anansie made sure everybody knew that. After her performance last year we knew we had to be ready for everything. And we were... Relive the moment when Skin went crowdsurfing, much to the distress of Main Stage security.

Even though our cameras are rapidly starting to overheat in the scorching sun, we're on a roll. After day 1, we've shot and posted more than 60 panoramas of the festival. This year is going to break records, and not just for the weather.

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Today will another scorcher. If I can offer one piece of advice: Wear sunscreen.

Pre-festival is over

5 days of awesomeness ahead!

If you're just arriving today, you've missed two hot, HOT prefestival days. But we've got you covered; our panoramas are the next best thing to having been there yourself. We've alse been shooting a lot of panoramic video, but the results will have to wait a little while. We'll get the videos to you as quick as we can.

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SZIGET FESTIVAL 2013 : August 5 - 12

Panorama Video made with VideoStitchHere we go!

Another year flew by and we are all packing camera gear and underwear in our respective homes for Sziget Festival 2013.

This year we have a brand new site, recreated from scratch to make it easier for us to post awesome content for you. Our first panoramas of the pre-festival preparations on the island are already up!

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Panoramic Videos
We started shooting 360 degree panoramic videos at the Festival in 2005. Technology finally caught up with our early inspirations, so you can expect a lot of new material to surface from this exciting genre shortly after the Festival.

NOTE: The below linked footage weighs in at a hefty 170MB and you will need to exercise a little bit of patience before it kicks in. Oh, but you will certainly agree that this is the trippiest 360 footage you can find anywhere!

» Here is a yet imperfect, low-res, raw sample for the uninitiated.

If that got you the least bit excited, » try the interactive version, too!
And if that inspired you to make videos like this, visit VideoStitch for more.

Bon Voyage!


Day -1: Monday, August 6

Day -1 was a scorcher! The official temperature was 36°C, but the temperature in the direct sun must have reached even higher levels. The Main Stage was adorned with sprinklers above the crowd. But as the sun set the tempearture dropped to a less extreme level, and the crowds gathered for the performance of Daloskönyv and their many friends on the Main Stage.

Sziget has begun!

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2012: 20 Years of Sziget! We're ready for another round

Last year we passed a milestone when Andras Frenyo took panoramic photos on his 10th Sziget festival (see below). But this year we're humbled by the 20th anniversary edition of the Sziget festival. Wow!

We're ready for another round. Are you?


2011: It's our birthday!

Andras and his cakeCan you believe we've been doing this for 10 years?

This year marks the 10th year Andras Frenyo is taking panoramas at the Sziget Festival. He started out in 2001, but did not make it to Sziget 2003. Starting from 2005 he invited a varying team of panorama photographers to join his celebration of all that makes Sziget such an awesome festival.

So if you see this guy, buy him a beer. He'll have lots of stories to tell you. And he might just take a panorama photo of you, if you gather some of your friends around him.

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Pre-festival: We're ready for you Sziget!

Showing off my cool tattooWe're prepped and ready to start taking wicked pictures of Sziget Festival 2011! Our international team of veteran Sziget panorama-photographers is on site, or will be arriving shortly.

If, in the next few days, you see a photographer with a camera on a stick or a tripod, frantically taking images in odd directions, it is probably one of us, having fun...

We're stoked. Are you?

On a practical note: if you want one of us to take a picture of you and your friends, make sure you look your prettiest and gather around us! Like the group of Italians last year. We respond to offers of beer.

[Italians up Close]

Pre-festival: A stage fit for a Prince

The festival hasn't even started, and we're already on the job. Krisztina and Sandor, two of our Hungarian panorama-photographers, explored the island when the main stages were being constructed. Can you believe Prince will be performing on this stage in a couple of days? Can you believe how green the island looks?

[Watch the Main Stage construction Panorama]

Pre-festival: Follow us!

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Day 3: Friday, August 14

Did I tell you that one of our photographers, Sanyi is also a stuntman? Well, we have been shooting aerial panoramas of Sziget Festival for some time, using kites and poles, but this is the first time one of us would hang himself at some 20 meters in order to accomplish this. You have to check this one out.


And while on the subject of panoramas shot from (way-way) above, Aldo has shot one in the middle of the Pendulum crowd using his big fat pole. Yes, Ladies, he's got one. I will use Aldo's own words to introduce this one, as he so eloquently summed it up:

"Pendulum was supposed to play at last year's festival, but they had to cancel last-minute because of a fatal accident while transporting their gear. This year they made up for it, opening for The Prodigy. They dedicated their performance to the person who did not make it out of that accident.

I thoroughly enjoyed being in the back of the crowd, and I was clearly not the only one; it felt as if the whole island was drawn to the main stage area, leaving bars and other stages all but empty. They sure set the bar high for Prodigy to follow them up."

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Day 2 : Thursday, August 13

Two words for you: Emily Loizeau. She was brilliant. The small but relentless audiance would not let her go. Upon her third return to the Amphitheater Stage, she climbed down to her fans and having quieted them down (a miracle in itself) she sang a goodbye song accompanied by two acoustic guitars as if around a campfire among friends. Amazing voice and persona.

Emily LoizeauEmily LoizeauEmily LoizeauEmily LoizeauEmily LoizeauEmily LoizeauEmily LoizeauEmily Loizeau

Then them Barkas boys from Holland. Radio Barkas is possibly (likely, I'd say) the smallest travelling radio station. They have taken an old East-German made Barkas bus, cut it into three pieces then reassambled only the front and back, resulting in a super minivan, if you know what I mean. Running on an electric motor, it the shrunk down Barkas houses two turntables and a load of vynils. Let us show you.

Radio BarkasRadio BarkasRadio BarkasRadio Barkas

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Day 1 : Wednesday, August 12

The festival has officially begun. Headliners: I AM X, Nouvelle Vague, SKA-P, Snow Patrol and Lilly Allen. But, as always, Sziget is not just about music. Once again, expect an amazing mix of performances, installations and activities.

Don't let the vendors and sponsors distract you from what this festival is all about - just cause pizza vendors now have their own jumbotrons the size of those by the Main Stage. Watch out for the likes of Emily Loizeau on the hidden Amphitheater Stage, the ethnic Hungarian Hungaricum installation, the randomly surfacing street performers and those of the Traveling Fun Fair - to mention a few.

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Funny story. Sziget Festival ran for 7 days for several years, then in 2008 it got shortened to 5. What to do? Add Day -1 and Day 0 to the mix and voila! almost as if nothing changed. Well, not quite, but you get the idea. In 2009 Day -1 became a day for celebrating Hungarian old timers', the band Tankcsapda's twentieth anniversary. Day 0 was dubbed the day of Music Against Racism, headlining a staggering number of Hungarian jazz and pop musicians.

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Zoom Zoom Zoom

Zoomable High Resolution Panorama We're gearing up for yet another great festival. It may take a day or two before our new shots start turning up on the site.

In the mean time, check out the archives for a taste of things to come. There are over 300 panoramas to check out!

If you want to get really close, check the super high res photo from last year's Sherpa Adventure tower.